10 Things You Should Know About The Anytone D868

Anytone D868

Anytone 868 Review

The Anytone D868UV is one of the most popular DMR radios on the amateur market right now, and for good reason. It’s a high quality radio that allows for both digital and analog operation on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. You hear many amateur radio operators on the Brandmeister Network using the Anytone 868. It has solid audio in both receive and transmit and doesn’t cause issues when it comes to spurious emissions. Many hams you’ll hear on the NoCO network run the Anytone D868UV and can answer questions you may have about the radio.

I really love this radio because it’s my go-to radio on my days when I commute into work in Denver, Colorado. I’m able to use the DMR to get into the Brandmeister talkgroups while still also being useful for analog repeaters if needed. You can’t beat having both Digital DMR and analog all in one radio.

The Anytone 868 has great battery life. I can use my Anytone for at least two full days before even thinking about charging it up. One reason for that is my hotspot at home. I can keep my Anytone 868 on low power when at home conserving the battery life. I will use the “turbo” mode when I’m at work to reach the repeater on the west side of Denver.

The antenna is one sore spot for the Anytone 868. The antenna is very, very stiff and will jab you in the ribs. I highly encourage you to purchase another antenna for your Anytone 868UV. I’m using the Nagoya NA-701 and I’ve been very happy with it. It performs better than the stock antenna and it’s ultra flexible making it a joy to carry on my hip.

I created a short video explaining ten things you should know about the radio if you’re considering purchasing it. Check it out!

Author: Matt Kaskavitch

4 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About The Anytone D868

  1. Hi! My call is N4YKE/PETE what am I doing wrong if I can’t transmit but fully receive but seem to not be able to transmit! What do I have to setup in my
    CPS codeplug to activate my tx/rx accurately! I love the DMR system-I own the Anytone D868UV which I know is a great radio for DMR hams! What should be my checklist to use this radio to it’s full potential! N4YKE/73

    1. Are you using a hotspot? When you key up does the top LED turn red? IT could be that the radio is not programmed correctly and you are not getting any acknowledgement/handshake with the repeater or hotspot.

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