On the D-STAR side of things, I’ve been hanging out on XRF002A these days. I knew that this reflector was also linked to an XLX multi-protocol reflector which supports DMR, but I was never sure how to set that up. Thankfully, the Kings of Digital have set up a great system and have created good documentation to help.

For necessary background, I recommend reading two documents: 1.) Reflection on Reflectors by Bob W6KD, and 2) XLX XRF DMRGateway by John K6KD 

Set up for this is pretty simple using a hotspot running pi-star. For this operation, on DMR I’m using my Jumbospot on pi-star v3.4.13 and my Anytone AT-868UV. On the D-STAR side, I’m using a DVMEGA on a raspberry pi 2B also running pi-star v3.4.13, and my Icom ID-51a. The DVMEGA pi-star is connected to XRF002A.

On the DMR side, you’ll need to use DMRGateway as the DMR Master, set the XLX master to XLX_313, and set XLX master enable to on.

On the DMR radio, you will need to manually dial or set up a channel to group call to talkgroup 6, and that’s it! Your DMR transmissions will now pass on to XRF002A and anyone listening there on D-STAR will hear you, and you’ll be able to talk with them. I had a nice QSO with Bob W6KD this morning testing this out.

I’m sure there is a bright future and a lot of possibility for multi-protocol reflector linking, so dive in and experiment. And be sure to jump on XRF002A or Brandmeister talkgroup 31088 Colorado HD to let us know what you discover!

73 de Bud W0RMT

Author: Bud Talbot

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