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If you’ve been on TG 31088 (Colorado HD) lately, then you’ve probably heard us talking about our multiprotocol reflector project. W0RMT Bud and N7VDR Jimi have started to build a true multiprotocol system, thanks to the generous support from other hams.

We always wanted to link D-STAR<>DMR but lacked the physical hardware and resources to make it happen. But thanks to the Parker Radio Association and specifically N0KEG Ray, we’ve got a transcoding link established! Ray has a transcoding server (XLX376) and was using module D on that server to bridge D-STAR (XRF-223B and XRF-720C) and DMR (TG 31082). And he is running an AMBE board with 6 AMBE chips, meaning that he can transcode up to 3 streams or QSOs. With that spare transcoding power, he graciously offered to lend us a module on XLX376, and now we have a bridge! XLX376A is connected to TG 31088! On D-STAR, you can connect to DCS376A.

And thanks to N1AJW Alec, we’ve got another server set up in the cloud to transcode NXDN<>DMR. Alec created a new NXDN server/TG. If you are on NXDN, you’ll need to edit your hostfiles to add TG 31088 at server ip port 41400. I’ll create a short video sometime to show how to do this in pi-star.

Alec has also just set up a YSF<>DMR transcoding server, so the above picture needs updating to include YSF (details forthcoming). And last but not least, we have an Allstar node bridged in as well thanks to N9KRG Jake. Connect to node 40515 to get into the system.

So for now we’ve got DMR<>D-STAR<>NXDN<>YSF<>Allstar. What’s next? Eventually, P25! Stand by for that. But in the meantime, we are going to set up our own physical server to do the D-STAR<>DMR transcoding. We really appreciate Parker Radio Association’s help with that, but it’s time to create our own. And we are going to make sure to have extra transcoding capability so we can help others get started in this by loaning them one of our spare transcoding modules.

Look for another post soon on the details of our own server setup here at W0RMT. And if you’e like to help support that project, please consider making a donation to our gofundme campaign. Big thanks to those who have contributed already. 

73 de Bud W0RMT

Author: Bud Talbot

2 thoughts on “Colorado HD Multiprotocol

  1. We have a talk group here 31229 called the ArkLaTex consisting of hams from a three state area. DMR is in its early stages here. I moved here from Chicago area where there was a lot of C-Bridge. We are on Brandmeister. Would love to link either that talkgroup or our 443.750 + Mototrbo repeater to Dstar and possibly Fussion and all star. Looking for ideas where to start.

    Dr. Mike Hughes, N9GI
    Springhill, La

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