NoCo 3171 link restored

We have implemented a workaround to restore the link for the NoCo talkgroup 3171 between the C-Bridge and Brandmeister. So 3171 is linked back up at least. The IP blocking between the ISP’s is still there.

Author: Rick Karch

2 thoughts on “NoCo 3171 link restored

  1. Thanks Rick for all your hard work — i do have a question though — noticed that there is a new fusion repeater that is listed on here 147.165 — aaaaa we have a linked repeater up here in Cheyenne that is on that same frequency 147.165 with a PL of 114.8 analog which is located in Albin, Wy on a 140 foot tower that looks back towards Cheyenne in order to cover the north eastern part of the county and some of the western part of the Nebraska panhandle — I have posted a note on the Hammy page we have up here for spreading information to the club members about the possibility of digital noise when they listen to the 147.165 repeater and that they might have to turn on the PL decode to eliminate the noise.. Just letting you know — de N7JJY — Tech committee for the Shy-Wy ARC Cheyenne, Wy

    1. I did see that repeater while researching the pair, but I assumed it was too far away to matter. I will email you offline to keep in touch on this.

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