Net NameTG IDTimeNet Description
TAC310 Net310Sundays 18:00 MDTGeneral check-in net
Colorado Severe Weather Net31083Sundays 18:00 MDTSevere weather discussion
Colorado HD Net31088Tuesdays 19:30 MDTHotspot Discussion
TG31648 Net31648Tuesdays 19:30 CDTDMR Q&A Net
TGIF Rocky Mountain HighNet420Sundays 19:30 MDTGeneral Chat, weather, Ham Tech
Brandmeister WW net91Saturdays 10:00 MDT

Colorado HD Hotspot Discussion Net – Talkgroup 31088

Tuesdays at 19:30 Mountain Time on Brandmeister Talkgroup 31088.

This net is for discussing hotspot technology for amateur radio, promoting DMR and digital radio, facilitating the buying and selling of gear, and of course having fun! This net is run a bit differently than most. We don’t start by taking a list of check ins and then going “round robin” to each station. Also, we take check-ins by key up only (no voice transmission) and then we log stations as their callsigns appear on the dashboard. We start with a discussion topic or question, and those who have something to contribute chime in. We then take questions from anyone listening who needs help, followed by a buy/sell round for those having items for sale or things they need to buy. Finally, we take check ins from anyone listening.

If you have a question or topic suggestion for the net, please enter it in this form:

Colorado HD Hotspot Show and Tell! Please complete the form found at this link.

Colorado Severe Weather Net – Talkgroup 31083

Sundays at 18:00 Mountain Time on Brandmeister Talkgroup 31083.

This net is for discussing severe weather forecasting, nowcasting and current severe weather events ongoing throughout the country. We have various formats for the net that include: round-table discussion, technical discussion of weather topics or a net-directed question. We encourage check-ins from all weather enthusiasts from across the United States!

Rocky Mountain High-Net – Talkgroup 420

Sundays at 19:30 Mountain Time on the TGIF Network Talkgroup 420.

And, for those TGIF multi-mode digital network users, be sure to stop by and visit Talkgroup 420; brought to you by many of the same guys often found on Brandmeister Talkgroup 3171 (NoCO). Discussions range from hot spots to tornadoes, to anything in between.