NoCO DMR has a number of talkgroups for all kinds different kinds of discussion. We encourage you to program these in your codeplug– you don’t want to miss out on any of the action!

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Talkgroup 3171 – NoCO

Talkgroup ID: 3171

This is the original regional talkgroup for the group.  This group was originally created to be the group to tie the local repeaters together.  Since it has been linked in to the Brandmeister network  it has become a very active talkgroup where amateur radio operators from across the world can stop in and rag chew. It is especially active during commute times during the week and on weekends. All amateur radio operators are welcome from any part of the country.

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Talkgroup 31088 – Colorado HD (Hotspot Discussion)

Talkgroup ID: 31088

Known simply as “the HD,” this talkgroup is the place to discuss all the technical aspects of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). With the proliferation of hotspots for digital modes, we saw the need for a talkgroup dedicated to the development, construction, setup, and general discussion focused on hotspots. All licensed amateur operators are welcome to join and contribute to the discussion. This is the place to ask questions, help others solve their problems, and even conduct on-air builds. You’ll find constant activity from amateur radio operators nationwide looking for assistance with hotspots, codeplugs and everything in between.

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Talkgroup 31083 – Colorado Severe WX

Talkgroup ID: 31083

CO Severe WX (BM Talkgroup 31083) is dedicated to the discussion, forecasting and nowcasting of severe weather, with a preference given for the state of Colorado.

CO Severe WX is not intended to be inactive during times of tranquil weather. We encourage all amateur radio operators on the Brandmeister Network to drop in to the talkgroup at any time; especially those interested in storm chasing and/or severe weather. We’re hoping to build a network of weather enthusiasts from across Colorado and the entire United States.

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Talkgroup 31084 – NoCO Mountain Front Range

Talkgroup ID: 31084

This talkgroup is for use primarily by those in the foothills and mountains in the northern Front Range. Our forthcoming mountain repeaters will have this talkgroup static on time slot 1.

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Talkgroup NameTG IDDescription
Bridge3100North America bridge talkgroup.
Colorado HD31088Colorado Hotspot Discussion Brandmeister talkgroup.
Colorado Severe WX31083The discussion, forecasting and nowcasting of severe weather. All weather enthusiasts welcome! This group is connected between C-Bridge and BM networks
Colorado Statewide3108Colorado Statewide Brandmeister group. This group is connected between C-Bridge and BM networks
DMR INFO NETWORK31648Feel free to use the TG for general chat, testing hotspots, or testing radio programming.
DMR Track31489Brandmeister talkgroup dedicated to DMR Track/Ty Toolz discussion
DMR-MARC NA3DMR-MARC North America talkgroup, available only on DMR-MARC repeaters
DMR-MARC WW1DMR-MARC Worldwide talkgroup, available only on DMR-MARC repeaters
Local 22Used for local, non-networked repeater use
Northern Colorado3171NoCo club 3171 talkgroup. This group is connected between C-Bridge and BM networks